How To Get Rid Of Back Hair On Your Own

The Ultimate Men’s Shaving guide for body building competitions today




The ultimate men’s shaving guide for bodybuilding competitions today


                          How to Remove Hair On Your Back By Yourself


Shaving for a bodybuilding competition is a strange feeling for a guy. You’ve spent years (potentially) growing your Hair to show off to the masses. Your calves have become a ferocious jungle, your chest more akin to a wolfman, and let’s not even go into armpits. Now you’ve decided on your bodybuilding competition and as the days get closer that sense of dread about shaving everything really begins to set in. You’re starting to wonder what your friends will say, how to go about getting those remaining back hairs.  Fear not, I’m here to save the day with the no-nonsense guide to bodybuilding shaving in a few easy steps and also to calm some of your worries about how it truly feels/looks etc. Your are going to need a back shaver, an electric back shaver to reach the hard to reach places. Grooming Men need a back hair removal tool. Get yours from Amazon HERE

How To Get Rid Of Back Hair

Shaving is not difficult.  People say it takes hours, but I think that’s because they went about doing what I call It’s going to feel weird: Yes….yes it is, but only for the first few days.

  • Waiting until the show date: I would NOT recommend this.  While I didn’t get razor burn…that doesn’t mean that you WON’T. Better safe than sorry by getting your skin used to the trimming before hand.
  • My hair will grow back thicker: This is an age old myth.  Hair doesn’t grow back thicker after cutting it…the follicle is still in the same place.  It doesn’t just magically grow some new follicles because you cut it or split into multiple follicles like the head of a hydra. It’s because when you cut it the angle can grow back differently making it appear thicker to the naked eye. There’s multiple studies out there disproving this.  Go look.
  • Women won’t enjoy it: Ehhh..depends. Honestly, you’ll look more muscular and lean…so hopefully that outweighs it.
  • I’ll sweat more: Actually…I sweat less. I also find myself catching the breeze a little easier. I’ve begun to realize why women get cold all the time.

They say it’s painful and that you’ll likely have severe razor burn. The truth is…it’s not that bad and I can honestly say I have zero razor burn even though I have incredibly sensitive skin. Of course it helps to have the Best Mens hair trimmer, get yours from Amazon Here.

Shaving Back Hair By Yourself

  • I’m going to look weird: This is a yes and no answer.  Weird in the sense that you haven’t seen yourself without hair before, but weird to other people? Unlikely.  There are tons of blondies out there with little to no hair on their forearms and calves and us gorilla’s hardly notice.    Also keep in mind that if you’re a white collar kind of guy your dress pants/dress shirts cover up the majority of the damage in the workplace if that’s your concern.  Let’s keep the ultimate goal in mind…looking shredded

.Step One: The Pre-Shave

  • This is where the majority of people mess up.  They decide to start with a straight razor or their little Gillette fusion razor.  It’s like trying to tackle your entire yard with a weedwacker.  You first have to use the lawn mower…then you do the trimming/edging with the weedwacker.

What you need is the Mangroomer Pro And you can get it from Amazon HERE


Begin with the legs.  I personally started with my thighs just because it was the easiest to maneuver.  Shave in vertical lines moving towards your upper body to cut across the hair. After that’s done shave horizontally in a circle around your leg to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Don’t forget the back of your thighs.


This part is the exact same as thighs.  Use the electric razor to do vertical strokes traveling from your foot towards your knee.  Then move horizontally around the calf to trim the remaining.  Be careful around the knees and feet.  Obviously you have to get those two parts as well.


Simple for me  Shave against the way the hair lays which is usually by shaving from ribcage towards your head.


Another easy one.  Make sure you get the tops of your hands, knuckles, and elbows. Move vertically from wrist to bicep.


This one is made MUCH easier by using the electric razor I mentioned.  It pivots up and down so you can move in between the ridges of your abdominals.  Cut in the direction of belly button towards chest.


At this point I think you can figure out the rest. Just move against the grain of the hair and keep the setting as low as possible to make the step easier. If you use a guarded razor your won’t have any need for aftershave or cooling lotions.  It’s just be far far shorter hair.


Step Two: The Shave

This is the part where you can get a little creative with what you use.  You essentially want the closest shave possible in order to avoid the bright stage lights shining off your hairs and for your tanning product to settle best.  The option that I chose was a safety razor, but you can use any run of the mill cheapo from the store if you’re brave enough (or enjoy paying a fortune for terrible blades).

You have to shave EVERYTHING.  This means even the tiny little hairs on your biceps/triceps. You also need to run over everything that you cut with pre-shave.  The pre-shave prevents you from unclogging your straight razor every 5 seconds.

Step Three: Maintenance

If you followed the instructions above, you’ve taken on the appearance of a shredded hairless cat no later than 4 weeks before your first show.  Congratulations, but your work isn’t done yet.  Let’s not forget about upkeep.  Your hair does grow back…and fast.  You’ll feel it start growing back in almost as soon as you cut it.  However, it won’t really become visible or irritating until about a 7+ days. This means you need to take the trimmer and/or straight razor and do routine maintenance once a week.  It may be a pain, but you’ll adjust to it super fast.

Best way To Remove Body Hair

You’ll  really enjoy how much the shaving helps your posing and muscle definition. You can really see if you’re bringing out your hip flexors, calves, forearms, etc. in all your poses.   The striations, if you’re lean enough, in your quads will pop right out with the absence of hair.

Go in the shower and make sure you use some good shaving cream when you’re going over it. I suggest a pre-wash shower with hot water to make the skin flexible. Be careful. This may take up to 10-15 minutes to cover all your bases.  If you have dense hair you may want to tackle your lower body one day and then your upper body on the other.

Once you’ve completed shaving I suggest using your shower to get the access off and using some hot water to ease the skin.




Shaving Your Own Back

Be very careful. This task is doable but difficult. If you’re shaving your own back without any help, you may have a hard time reaching the entire area. This might lead you to shave at strange angles, which can heighten the risk of slicing the skin. You may not have full visibility of the region that you’re shaving, and you may not be able to tell easily when you’ve missed a spot. Consider finding someone else to do it: probably a partner or a paid professional.

Use a shaving cream or shower gel that contains exfoliating ingredients. This may help keep you free of ingrown hairs and razor burn.

  • If you rush yourself, you might be more likely to make a mistake. Not only can slipping up be painful and embarrassing – but it can open you up to the risk of infection.


Keep a towel on hand in case you cut yourself. If you slice your back while shaving, it probably won’t bleed too profusely – but it will be painful. Use the towel to blot the blood in the case of a mishap.Use a mirror. If you are going to shave your own back, you need to make sure that you can see the entire area that you’re working on. Use a large, clean mirror, and try to angle it so that you have a clear view of the back. If possible, use two mirrors. Consider using a hand-held mirror to focus on specific sections at at time.

  • Not only will a mirror make the process of shaving much safer, but it will help you know when you’ve finished. You may need to hold the mirror very still and very close to your back to tell whether you’ve “missed a spot.”

Go slowly. Take your time, and use plenty of shaving cream. Shave with long, unbroken strokes across your back, and don’t be afraid to take multiple passes at the same spot. Go against the “grain” or growth of your hair. Overlap your strokes to make sure that you get everything. Be patient.[1]

  • As you go, continue to apply liberal amounts of shaving cream and water. Depending on your hair coverage, you might need a lot.
  • Take special care when shaving around your spine and shoulder blades. Ridged areas provide an uneven surface, which might make your razor more likely to jump.

To get the best shave possible you need to get the Mangroomer from Amazon HERE

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How To Get Rid Of Back Hair On Your Own